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Changfeng energyCurrently has business sector:City gas、Comprehensive utilization of energy、Large industrial users of gas generation andCar LPG stations


Changfeng energy——Comprehensive utilization of energy investment operators,Fit China's green cycle low carbon development path,We provide all natural gas and clean energy comprehensive utilization of the solution,Establish environmental friendly、Win-win business model,As the pioneer of the comprehensive utilization of energy。Here will provide you with the latest development of changfeng energy、The energy industry of the latest information。


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Changfeng energy at present in some cities in China wholly owned holding or taking a stake in the gas enterprise total more than a dozen,It has been21In the energy industry investment and management experience。


  • City gas project|Sanya

    Changfeng energy companies have to sanya and its surrounding areas of commercial and residential users and exclusive franchise sales of fuel gas(2007To2037Years),The only natural gas in the region is the business enterprise。Main business scope is gas engineering design、The installation、Natural gas sales and supply of natural gas。At present,City gas pipeline network coverage100%,Every year according to the user development10%Growth。

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  • Wisdom energy projects|Meishan city

    2018Years5Was registered in meishan city hengtai days source of energy co., LTD,Meishan economic development zone, build and run comprehensive utilization of new energy projects,Plans to invest1.8One hundred million yuan to build power station and supporting pipe network,For the park36Square kilometers planning within the scope of the enterprises with cold、Hot、Electricity supply services。

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  • Which industrial park project|Pingxiang

    An overview of the project management2012Years3Month,Changfeng energy company in jiangxi province development and reform commission (NDRC) approval,To ensure that the company has50In pingxiang xiangdong(Including the area of pingxiang ceramic industrial park)The gas pipeline and gas transmission。.The industrial park currently has industrial gas users25Industrial ceramics production enterprises,Predicts2020The years will reach70Ceramic production and related to ceramic production enterprises。Industrial production ceramic kiln fuel required,For changfeng company offers a great potential market。

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  • Energy comprehensive utilization project|Sanya haitang bay

    China sanya haitang bay energy comprehensive utilization of the businessHaitang Bay Integrated Energy Systems ProjectThe project profile,Sanya is domestic only...

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