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      Geron electronic co., LTD., specializing in the production“Power amplifier、Mixer、Speakers、A wireless microphone、Wired microphone、Wireless microphones clip wire、Audio line machine、The ac power line stand head、Dc power stand head line。
      Over the yearsJELOONThe best-selling brand,The company of BMSC“Quality first,The service aim,Sincere enthusiasm,To create a win-win situation”The management idea,Won the national counterparts in the industry recognition and help,Make the products of our company a few years marketing throughout the country,In countries with expert industry occupies the dominant position in a high grade product。The company also to one step a footprint,Down-to-earth entrepreneurial innovation constantly,Continuously introduce professionalJELOONProducts,To feedback the general consumers。 

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  • Professional audio MinYongHua

    In the past few years,The over-expansion of entertainment places,And political factors on the inhibition of consumer groups in recent years,Do offer larger extrusion for professional audio industry。 Along with society's fast

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  • Blockbuster distributes, industry experts are here!Are you to look at

    To cultivate professional lighting、Audio industry technology talents,PLSGAnnual training courses will gather together the global industry experts and well-known brands,Through the concept of development、Classic engineering share extends to the actual operation

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  • The future development trend of audio equipment

    At present,Our country has become the world's important manufacturing base of professional audio products,2006To2016Years,Scale by professional audio market in China104Growth to one hundred million yuan278 98One hundred million yuan,Is for in the industry

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  • More innovation activities,Professional level of ascension

    To meet the increasingly diverse audience visitor needs,Guangzhou exhibition held a series of forward-looking activities,To provide more technical training for the industry opportunities and innovative solutions in the industry

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